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Culinary Delights All Day Long

  • Good Morning

  • Begin your day by savouring a sumptuous breakfast with a never ending choice of delicacies: Regionally sourced delights, featuring an array of organic, free range and natural ingredients, fresh seasonal fruits, granola and cereals, assorted yogurts and cheeses, sausages, ham, bacon, eggs and fresh breakfast breads and pastries… Grab a steaming cup of freshly brewed tea from the bar. There is also a choice of warm drinks like our breakfast coffee, Cappuccino, Caffe Latte, Espresso or hot chocolate. For Sundays, we add sparkling wine to the menu.

  • Good Afternoon

  • Homemade cakes, pies or strudel specialties are served in the afternoons. On cold days you’ll enjoy heart-warming soups.

  • Good Evening

  • Return from the splendour of the great outdoors to the promise of indulgent and enticingly spectacular dishes: Choose from our regionally inspired and locally sourced five course dinner menus, complemented by delicious crisp salads from the bar and extraordinary local cheese specialties made in the „Paznaun Mountain Cheese Region of Culinary Excellence“. A degustation dinner menu or a varied themed buffet-style dinner is served once a week as a special highlight in winter times and in summer times we have a Barbecue buffet at our new barbecue ranch.

  • Any special dietary restrictions or allergies? Please let us know when making a reservation and our team will be more than happy to accommodate your request!

  • Savour enticingly spectacular dishes – all day long...